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That will likely explain the other real-world experiences reported by vapers like this. If vaping were allowed in bars, restaurants and planes, we all would face behaviour like this scene.

Juul e-cigarettes and teens: 'Health problem of the decade'? - CNN

In England, this appears to be the case. Centers for Disease Control data from demonstrate a concerning sudden cessation and plateau in the previous decline of US high school students smoking tobacco, while e-cigarette use is skyrocketing. Today, more young people in the US are using nicotine than ever, which may signal health and brain developmental problems down the track.

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E-cigarette advocates point out other lithium battery-powered items like mobile phones and laptops have exploded, so we should all calm down about dramatic explosions. However, vapers have noted explosions tend to take place, not just during re-charging, but during use , leading to mounting reports from hospitals of terrible burns and injuries.

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When mobile phones explode, we see global recalls as happened with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The lack of regulatory standards for e-cigarettes and their components stands in stark contrast to these other products. If this was true, how do we then explain the companies continue to do all they can to wreck effective tobacco control policies like plain packaging, graphic health warnings and significant tobacco tax hikes? Surely, if they were sincere here, they should be pleased governments are trying to get smokers to quit? Philip Morris has been running targeted advertising campaigns with major youth appeal.

And new evidence collated from its own documents demonstrates its interest in e-cigarettes, as long ago as , was only ever for them to be used as a complement to cigarettes.

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Big Tobacco has heavily invested in e-cigarettes, with all major tobacco companies now having them in their portfolios. The big picture here is that Big Tobacco wants people to smoke and vape, not vape instead of smoking. This is mostly the case in England, but very much not the case in many other nations.

Imperial Tobacco's Vype ePen 3 - Friend or Foe?

But 18 nations ban e-cigarettes outright, with more having various degrees of restrictions. E-cigarettes have been generating a huge wave of research interest over the past few years. The next decade promises to throw the light of much needed evidence on many of the issues above. This article was originally published on The Conversation and is republished with permission. Read the original article.

E-Cigarettes Don't Look Anything Like You Think They Do

A small US study finds e-smokers might risk different types of lung and vascular disease. Digital Issues Buy a back issue. Renew my subscription Give a Gift Manage my subscription. Cosmos Conversation Society 19 July Twelve myths about e-cigarettes. Do the claims of e-cigarette advocates stack up? Explore e-cigarettes. The Conversation is an independent, not-for-profit media outlet that uses content sourced from the academic and research community. Looking for more science?

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It's just a mod and a tank with no batteries and no liquids. Basically just electronics I guess. It's not customs that has a problem with it, it is just our local postal service that 'loses' it. E-cigs are fine to come into the country, but if you want to import, then rather uses a courier company. Thanks man. I cancelled the order. I'll just buy something locally.

1. Vaping is ‘95% less harmful than smoking’

The same gear is horribly overpriced though, but I guess you pay for the convenience. Local stuff gets imported via courier, which is what makes it so expensive. We can't trust the post office to deliver stuff, because they don't. So thank the SA Postal service for the price of the local stuff. I have also ordered from fasttech in Malaysia.

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