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Also people are smoking. If you want dinner after say 8: They do NOT engage in the 2-seating reservation thing, which means that whoever comes at 7: Via Urbana, 67; tel: Reservations only for first seating. So I know it very well. Kind of like Farm-to-Table. At Romolo e Remo you can get all the traditional Roman pastas, plus a lot of other varieties.

One of the best cheap Rome restaurants in a local neighborhood, although actually it's only a minute walk from the Coliseum. Via Pannonia, ; Tel: Open Tuesday - Sunday for lunch and dinner; Monday open for dinner only. Closed Monday at lunch. Open at Christmas and through August except for August This restaurant right behind Parliament has been a go-to place for Romans in the know for decades. Gino is the kind of place you come if you want home cooking, without having to cook it.

You will also find some particular local dishes such as hare in tomato sauce, and cuttlefish with peas. Oddly, they do not serve coffee. They do not take credit cards which probably helps explain the low prices , and reservations are a must. Caveat - Lately they are doing the new thing which is take reservations for one of two seatings for dinner, either 8 or 9: Vicolo Rosini, 4; Tel: The menu is really limited, and the waiters will just come tell you what there is that day.

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But try the pasta, especially, of course, the cacio e pepe. It's also pretty cool that even though a regular pasta dish is already affordable, they also list a menu option for an even cheaper "mezza-porzione" - half portion. Expect to eat at rickety wooden tables close to other diners, but just enjoy.

Via Giuseppe Avezzana, 11; Tel: Sora Lucia is surprisingly local, homey and very Roman, despite its proximity to the Trevi Fountain. When you come inside Sora Lucia and are greeted by the owners, it almost feels like you've gone into someone's home. I almost always start with a big plate of veggies. You can pick out what you want by going to look at them at the counter, or, even better, just tell them to bring a mix of them.

They have a pretty vast menu, considering they serve pretty much local Roman dishes only. Pastas, fish and meat are all good here.

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Check the daily specials written on the chalkboard, and if they have homemade dessert, I strongly recommend saving room for it! Reservations recommended especially for Roman dining hours such as from 8pm onward. There is a varied antipasto bar with lots of marinated grilled veggies and some fish appetisers, and they have good pizza, pasta, fish and meat options. Via Alessandria 50; Tel: If you take one of the fantastic food tours offered in Rome, you will kill several birds with one stone:.

You will learn about Rome Cuisine , you will get to eat as you go so the tour pays for itself basically! Click here to book a Rome Food Tour with Viator. Another simple little no-frills Roman trattoria, serving good basic Roman food, at very fair prices Via della Madonna dei Monti, 79; Tel: Reservations accepted for first seating only. Then first come first serve. If you are looking for a very simple, casual, no-frills cheap meal in Trastevere , this is the place. The menu is limited to what is available that day, although you can usually count on the typical Roman pastas like cacio e pep e or amatriciana.

They don't take reservations, and the wooden tables are not that comfortable and pretty squished near each other. One of the best cheap Rome restaurants in Trastevere. Typically a basic Roman pizza should cost around Euros one whole pizza for one person. It will cost a bit more if you get special toppings like buffalo mozzarella, porcini mushrooms or truffles.

Romans usually have some fried appetizers before their pizza: So you can go to just about any pizzeria in Rome and spend less for dinner than you would at a trattoria for a full meal. But there are a couple of places where the Romans go, where the pizza is seriously cheap, and seriously good. Click here to visit my page about Pizza in Rome. Pizzeria alle Carrette is one of my all-round pizzeria's in Rome.

I love it for the pizza and fried apps, but it also happens to be inexpensive. This is a true pizzeria, with wood-burning oven, and a limited menu of only calzone's bruschetta, fried apps, salads and of course pizza. Via della Madonna dei Monti, 95; tel: This place can probably be classified as a bit touristic, being right behind Piazza Navona but also on the most touristy street in that area. However, it is also where the young local Romans go to have a casual cheap pizza. The pizza is very good, classic Roman style: You can also get other food too, but I suggest sticking with the pizza.

Yes, you can eat lunch cheaply in Rome if you just go to a bar and grab a panino or tramezzino to eat standing up or to go. Or, if you have pizza by the slice, standing up, which is a traditional Roman way of eating a quick lunch. Click here for more about Lunch in Rome. Enotecas wine bars can often be an excellent source for a yummy, inexpensive lunch.

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I am not talking about having cheese, olives and salami which is certainly fine, also! A lot of enotecas in Rome make and serve simple food as a kind of "by the way. It's not far from the via Veneto, but it's still in a pretty business-y area of Rome, and at lunchtime, it's packed with Italians who work in the area, and who love a good, simple homemade lunch. I tried it once and now I am ruined for any other poppyseed cake.

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  5. Via Raffaele Cadorna, 9; Tel: No outside dining but lots of tables near open windows in nice weather. Enoteca Buccone looks mostly like a wine emporium, but they have tables in the back, and serve some simple dishes each day for dinner as well. Check what's written on the chalkboard outside, but also just ask when you get inside.

    Enoteca Corsi has it all: It's smack in the center of Rome, so it's very easy to get to from Piazza Navona, the Pantheon, or even the Coliseum. One of the best cheap Rome restaurants for lunch in the historic center. You can find lunch buffets around Rome quite easily. But they are not always that great.

    I do have one I must recommend, because their buffet is amazing, and the price is right! The food at Alla Rampa is quite good. And the place is not as touristy as you'd think, given its location right near the Spanish Steps. On this page, we are talking about cheap Rome restaurants, so the only way I can recommend Alla Rampa as a cheap restaurant in Rome is for the buffet lunch. If you order from the normal menu, you will get very good, well prepared food, but for normal restaurant prices So let's stick with the buffet shall we?

    It's not an all-you-can-eat-buffet. But they don't care how much you heap on there.

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    To keep costs low, order tap water instead of bottled, or house wine. Piazza Mignanelli, 18; Tel: Abundant, umbrella-covered, lovely outside seating. At this time September , the below market is closed. It is due to reopen sometime soon, we hope, so I am leaving on this page so when it does reopen, you can count on this info again. So while this notification is here, please ignore this one option for cheap Rome restaurants I suppose I should not call a farmers' market a restaurant, but you can eat really well for very little money here, and you can sit down, so I am including it on this page.

    You want to visit a real farmers' market in Rome? I am not talking Campo dei Fiori, now pretty much over-run by tourists and non-food vendors. I mean, a market where the farmers bring their produce and food products directly to the consumer? Where you can try things before you buy? And, where you can eat a homemade, simple lunch, made by the farmers themselves? The Campagna Amica market in Circo Massimo site only in Italian is part of a bigger project that sets up markets, usually on weekends and holidays, in strategic areas in towns all over Italy.

    See the website for Campagna Amica for more info.

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    4. There are almost 10 of them all over Rome, but the one I go to the most is near the Circus Maximus. Actually I usually go there to just get food for myself, but, sometimes I like to go around and taste some of the yummy things for sale, like porcini mushroom spread or sharp olive oil with little pieces of bread. And sometimes I go with friends to the little wine section in the back, and have a little wine tasting with snacks another cheap lunch alert! But one of the best ways to have a really cheap, simple, local lunch in Rome is to stand in line and get one of their hot dishes on offer, and take it in the back to eat in the garden in nice weather of course.

      Open Saturday 9am - 6pm, Sunday 9am - 4pm. July open Saturdays only. Usually there are daily specials. Thin crust, double dough, and Chicago-style pizza pies topped with pepperoni, peppers, mushrooms, grilled chicken, or Italian beef. Top pan pizzas with a choice of topping, including eggplant, spicy sausage, or fresh broccoli, washed down with domestic beer or soda. Chicago-style deep-dish pizza, pasta, and other Italian staples are served atop checkered tablecloths to guests sitting on cozy wood benches. Diners can enjoy freshly made pizzas made using classic recipes from the East Coast.

      Pizzas made with homemade dough and sauce and bring forward family recipes for classic and unique pies alike. Thin crust pizzas and cheesy appetizers are favorites at this neighborhood hot spot that features a vintage game room for the kids. A Chicago pizzeria that offers both thin and deep dish crusts alongside sandwiches, wings, and other appetizers.

      What are cheap Rome restaurants like?

      Chefs dish out thin-crust and stuffed pizza with toppings like pepperoni and baby spinach. Chefs create monster slices of pie with a full menu of toppings. A local pizzeria bakes thin-crust pies along with subs, pasta, stuffed pizza, and other Italian delights. The sandwich begins with no ordinary pork roast, but a porchetta, made according to a classic Italian recipe.

      Boston's North End neighborhood is known as one of the best spots for Italian food in the country. These are the top spots you can't miss. Main menu Open search menu. Italian Restaurants in Chicago, IL.